FAMOC Strongly Opposes Mining On Choiseul

It has come to the notice of members of Forum Against Mining On Choiseul (FAMOC) that a Logging company turned mining is pursuing the prospects of commencing nickel mining on parts of Southeast and Northwest Choiseul.
The so-called Solomon Islands Mining Company (SIMC) is formed and registered [2017] by the owner of Bulacan [a logging company] by Mr. Johny Sy. SIMC is exclusively owned by Johny Sy a Pilipino, recognised by government of Solomon Islands as the Philippines Consular to Solomon Islands by the Government of Philippines. It is company registered in 2017 that is planning to mine nickel on our tribal lands. It is interesting to note as well that Mr. Johny Sy is currently a Board Member of Solomon Islands Ports Authority and a member of Solomon Islands Forest Association. It is obvious that he has political influence and voice, more powerful than the voices of resource owners when it comes to power. How could they claim to be miners and convince the Ministry of Mines to recognise them as such, when they are known as a logging company? He is the only shareholder of the SIMC and himself with Mr Patson Papo are the two directors.
The truth is SIMC has neither experience nor any track record whatsoever within the mining industry. Even reports of their logging activities from our people in communities affected raises questionable and unfavourable logging practices propagated by a few self-interest group of men and their cronies within the Bulacan company.
Further, this so called SIMC, a logging company turned mining is even so brave enough to use our country’s name “Solomon Islands” Mining Company when they have no proven records of any mining activities and not even a recognised mining company with in the Extractive Industry on the international scene. This is offensive to the resource owners and should not be entertained at all. SIMC is a malformed mining company.
We have great concerns about SIMC. We totally oppose their plans to initiate any mining activities on Southeast and Northeast Choiseul. Many of us are part of the tribal land-owning group that connect to these proposed nickel mining areas.
We call on the respective Chiefs of the concerned tribal lands to step back and review carefully this deal with SIMC. Its formation to identify itself as a mining company falls short of the requirement of the Mining and Minerals Act. The award of Mining License appear to be improper and if not, illegal.
We call on the government to scrutinize SIMC in its entirety and follow due and transparent processes as fully layed out in the Mining and Environmental regulations, laws and Acts.
WE strongly oppose SIMC, as it pretends to be a mining company when it is not. It must be stopped.