Farmers commend Government for COVID-19 ESP awareness

Malaita agricultural farmers have commended the National Government for initiating the COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Package assistance.
They are also thankful that the awareness talks comes down to the rural areas as part of the response plans to keep our economy afloat.
“We have been waiting for this talks 3 months ago when the Prime Minister announced the assistance funds.
“Explanations provided help clarify our long-held questions and doubts regarding the assistance.
“We are also happy that government officers take their time to visit us in the rural settings to see for themselves our significance and plight to boost agricultural production plus the hardships which we have been facing for past years,” a farmer at Gwaunafou village, East Malaita Constituency said.
Another Kava farmer at Atori station highlighted their willingness to assist and participate in economic development, since they owned the resources that is needed to boost the economy.
“What we want is not handouts rather we only need to capacitate and knowledge to turn our resources into tangible wealth that will benefit the whole country,” the East Malaita man said.
He adds that it is encouraging to note National Government is working on redirecting their policies.
He further adds that such direct assistance should be adapted in the long run which farmers and related activities will take full responsibility of funds and farming materials distributed.
Meanwhile, to ensure that our country economic stays afloat despite the pandemic, the government is in the process of redirecting its policies to focus on investing into and firmly establishing the fundamental pillars of development based on inclusivity, and meaningful participation that will also provide a catalyst for socio-economic growth in strategically targeted sectors.
The awareness team comprised of Malaitan MP’s and Government Officers have returned to Honiara this week.
Due date for rural and provincial existing operators applicants is extended to 31st July.