Final consultations on PHEB underway

Final consultations on PHEB underway
Final Consultations on the Public Health Emergency Bill (PHEB) has commenced today (27 January) in Honiara with the finalization and submission of the bill and other relevant documents scheduled for end of February.
Around 10 more consultations scheduled to take place between now and submission date which will involve consultations with State Owned Enterprises (SOEs), private sector and unions in Honiara, Community Based and Faith Based Organizations, donor partners, members of the Bar Association, stakeholders involved in COVID-19 response and the Independent and Opposition group.
Consultations will also be held for relevant provincial representatives except for Malaita and Western Provinces where consultation have already been conducted in 2020.
Today (27th Jan) the PHEB consultations was held for the relevant Guadalcanal Province representatives, donors and development partners, such as WHO, UNICEF, ADB, etc.
In his remarks to open the consultation, Attorney General Mr. John Muria explained that entry of COVID-19 in October last year had caused some delays in the completion of the bill’s consultation. “Nevertheless, I am pleased that we are now able to resume and complete our final rounds of consultation on this important bill and the bill’s taskforce is aiming to make its submission by end of February”.
Mr. Muria highlighted that the consultations on the draft health emergency bill is critical to increase awareness on the International Health Regulations (IHR) and the draft health bill, draw linkages and understand the need for domestication in order to generate relevant and appropriate commentaries, views and inputs to further shape and define the draft bill.
“The taskforce have so far received constructive and helpful inputs from its consultations in 2020 and we are looking forward towards receiving many more of such contributions in the consultations today and upcoming days. Therefore I thank each and everyone of you here today to participate in the consultation, your presence is a show of your commitment and dedication towards the country’s ongoing efforts against the COVID-19 global pandemic”.
The Premier of Guadalcanal Province (GP) Honorable Francis Sade and other relevant individuals from GP, WHO Representative in Solomon Islands Dr Sevil Huseynova, Chief of UNICEF Solomon Islands Office Dr Zelalem Taffesse and other heads and representatives of donors and development partner organizations including Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) in Solomon Islands attended the PHEB consultation today.
Next will be the private sector including SOEs and Unions in Honiara.


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