Firisua hits the campaign trail

WITH just over two weeks to the November 18 polls, Central Honiara by-election contender Pauline Radoe Firisua is hitting it hard on the campaign trail.

She kicked-off her campaign at the Aekafo/Namoliki settlement yesterday, following her election launch the previous Saturday.

“We are now on the campaign trail,” a spokesman for her campaign team said yesterday.

“It’s going to be a busy two weeks ahead for us before polling day,” the spokesman added.

At the heart of Mrs Firisua’s election campaign are children, youth and women.

These groups, she said, deserve a better and brighter future.

As a mother who was born, raised and lived her life in Central Honiara, Mrs Firisua said it’s painful to see the daily struggles families in the constituency are going through.

“There were stories of children going to school hungry,” she said.

“There were also stories of families having only one meal a day,” she added.

“This is unacceptable and must end.

“We need to empower families economically so that they can be able to feed their children and send them to school.” 

Mrs Firisua said addressing the economic situation of ordinary families within the Central Honiara Constituency would be her number one priority if she’s successful.

Although she has just started off her campaign, Firisua has been conducting meetings with communities of Mosquito Valley, Burns Creek, Lay Valley, and Koa Hill in the last two weeks.

“These meetings were held at the invitation of these communities,” Firisua said.

While some of these communities are in East Honiara, they have voters who were registered to vote in Central Honiara.

“During our meetings, it was overwhelming to see women and youth coming along to listen to Pauline,” the campaign team spokesman said.

“They also openly shared the challenges and issues they faced daily to make ends meet.

“They felt there was no proper management of the Central Honiara Constituency in the past 12 years.

“The economic situation of families living on the outskirts of the constituency is truly dire.

“These people want a leader who can bring real and meaningful changes to their situations.

“They were also happy to hear Mrs Firisua outlining her plans for Central Honiara,” the campaign spokesman said.

In the next 14 days, Mrs Firisua is lined up to speak at Solomon Islands National University (SINU), USP Centre, All Saints, Lord Howe Settlement, Koloale, Honiara High School, and all the major communities in Central Honiara.

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Pauline Radoe Firisua launching her election campaign two weeks ago. She is now hitting the campaign trail as of yesterday.