Firisua hitting the right note on campaign trail

AS the race for the Central Honiara Constituency closes in to the 18 November polls, female candidate Pauline Radoe Firisua is emerging as a frontrunner.

At the heart of Mrs Firisua’s election campaign are children, youth and women.

“Her messages during her campaigns have been sinking in well with the people,” said Jenny Foster of Koa Hill community.

Mrs Foster was speaking in support of Firisua’s campaign at Vara Creek last Friday.

“Pauline is rapidly winning the hearts of the people with her simple message that to develop the constituency, we must first make the family unit stronger,” Mrs Foster continued.

“As mothers, family is everything to us.

“But it’s sad to see under previous leaderships, families have been neglected.

“Pauline has brought in the message that we’ve been all waiting for – to address the needs of families and make the family unit stronger.

“Now we have a candidate here who is speaking our language and understands our needs,” Mrs Foster added.

Mirriam is another mother, who is closely following Mrs Firisua’s election campaign.

“Pauline speaks out mind,” she said.

“Come polling day, our families will vote for her,” she added.

Five pillars form Mrs Firisua’s campaign platform.

The first one: Attending to the economic status of families in Central Honiara is sinking in well with the people.

“This is where families come first,” Mrs Firisua said.

“Whatever resources that are made available to the constituency must be provided to all the families to support and stabilize their economic situation,” she added.

“Unless this is done, our constituency, city and nation wont move forward.”

During her campaigns, Mrs Firisua said Central Honiara Constituency has fallen behind in every sector.

“Our roads, bus stops, streets lights, schools, markets and even our hospital have been neglected by previous leaderships.

“These are issues that I intend to attend to,” she said.

She added in the event she secures the seat, she will endeavor to work with city councilors to address infrastructure and social issues confronting Central Honiara.

“It is when we work together that we can be able to address all these issues,” Mrs Firisua said.

Mrs Firisua is one of three women and seven males who are contesting the 18 November 2020 by-election.