Firisua hopes to win Central Honiara seat

CENTRAL Honiara Constituency by-election contender Pauline Firisua has told voters she now has the “numbers” to win the political race.

She was speaking at the Kukum Ports Residential quarters and the Lord Howe Settlement during her campaigns in the last few days.

Mrs Firisua is one of three women and seven men vying for the seat, left vacant by Moffat Fugui early this year after the High Court found him guilty of election fraud.

“If you want to know where I stand in this current political race, I can confidently assure all of you that my ‘data team’ has confirmed that I have the  ‘numbers’ to win this by-election,” a highly confident Mrs Firisua told voters.

“And if things remain at this current level, I can assure you that I will be your leader for Central Honiara for the remaining three years of the 11th Parliament,” she added.

Voters in Central Honiara will go to the polls this Wednesday on November 18.

Mrs Firisua, who was born and raised in Honiara, previously worked at the Central Bank of Solomon Islands and the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

Her campaign “message” to Central Honiara voters is simple:  let’s put our families first by attending to their economic situation.

“We need to stabilise, improve and consolidate the economic standing of our families before we can even talk about development,” Mrs Firisua said.

“A strong family means stronger constituency, stronger city and stronger nation,” she added.

“A foundation that is strong,will help this country move forward.

“So addressing the needs of our families will be my first priority before moving to my other four priority areas – Health & Well-Being, Infrastructure & Services, Employment and Education and Training.

“I will work with all the five city councillors of the Honiara City Council in Central Honiara to implement these four areas.

“Our team is happy to be at this campaign position at this time,” Mrs Firisua said.

Over the weekend, Mrs Firisua staged her campaign at Choviri, Papaho, Stonefield,, Ports Quarters and Honiara City Council Depot, Hatanga Quarters and NZ Camp.

Today is her final day of campaign and this will be at selected locations like Burns Creek, Mbokonavera II and Mbua Valley.