First court circuit in Russell Islands for 2021

The first court circuit for the Russell Islands in the Central Province for this year was completed at Yandina on 6 March 2021.

 Officer Commanding Station (OCS) at Yandina Police Station Inspector Hugo Maelasi says, “During the one-week court circuit, we had a magistrate, a court clerk and one public solicitor from the Office of the Public Solicitor in Honiara who presided over the Yandina court circuit.”

During the one-week hearing, 11 suspects were convicted for offences they committed. The offences included Domestic Violence, Restriction on making Liquor, using of abusive words and Common Assault.

OCS Maelasi adds, “I want to warn all my good people from the Central Province not to take law into your own hands. The laws are there to safeguard us individuals, communities and a country as a whole.”

“I want to commend the general public at Yandina for the respect shown during the week of the court circuit. I want to also call on communities to assist police promote the Crime Prevention Strategy in Central Province for the betterment of our own people and families,” says Inspector Maelasi.

He adds, “I would like to thank the touring magistrate, the court clerk and the office of the public solicitor for conducting the court circuit at Yandina to ensure justice is delivered to our citizens.”