Former police officer donates to Australia bushfire victims

A Guadalcanal man has responded to the call by the Prime Minister to citizens in the country to support the bushfires in Australia.

Phillip Manakako Snr yesterday has donated SBD $1000 towards the cause stating that it may be small but it is from his heart.

“I travelled all the way from Marasa village in the weather coast just to hand over my donation to support the bushfires in Australia. This maybe small but this is something from my heart to at least give back to Australia for their generosity in providing training for me during my days as a police officer,” he said.

Mr Manakako was a former police commissioner in the past and has undergone trainings in Manly, Australia.

Mr Manakako has also called on other good-hearted citizens to come forward and donate towards the bushfires in Australia.

“It may be small but when you truly give with your heart it will surely be a blessing to our friends in Australia. Australia has done a lot for this country not only at the national level but also to a lot of us individually,” he said.

Deputy Secretary to Prime Minister Dr Derek Mane received the donation.

Dr Mane when receiving the donation has thanked Mr Manakako for his kind-hearted gesture.


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