Galokale calls for integrity amidst USD$100 billion loan saga

The Leader of the Independent Group has appealed to the government to raise its level of integrity in managing the country’s economy.

The call was made in light of the on-going USD$100 billion loan saga.

Honorable Robertson Galokale stated that there is a clear decline in the integrity of Government.

“This is lately manifested in the manner in which it has conducted negotiations on a massive loan proposal through the Ministry of Finance and an unknown private individual,” Galokale stated.

Whether by error, neglect, or choosing to engage in reckless risk-taking, this is an in-excusable misbehavior that has many adverse insinuations on the country’s economy and future”, Galokale continued.

“In the context of business negotiations, the outcome of which should be to help build better relationships, deliver lasting, quality solutions and help to avoid future problems or conflicts. These fundamental qualities seem to be absent in the latest move by the Government,” Galokale added.

“In addition, the fact that the Government of China has publicly distanced itself from the loan proposal should be clear message that we are engaging with the wrong people.

This latest move may well undermine all the good efforts to strengthen bilateral relationships with China and erode public and international trust in the Government”, the Leader of the Independent Group stated.

Honorable Robertson Galokale further said there will be considerable costs for the Government should it continue to pursue this loan deal. Already there is significant reputational damage and excessive potential risks involved.

Galokale went on to mention that there has been a raft of genuine public concerns raised on the issue including questions on the ability of the country to sustain such a huge loan that could easily entrap the country in debt which is an unacceptable outcome.

“While the country needs financial capital to develop and exploit its natural resources, it does not need to hasten its demise on such risky deals. Further to that the increasing impact of the Covid-19 virus on the Chinese and global economy would not allow such a loan to be discussed at this point in time”, Galokale pointed out.

“Therefore the Government must immediately put a halt on any further loan negotiations with Terry Wong and his organization,” Galokale concluded.   


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