Gov’t- Bina Harbour Project progressing well

The Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DGCA) is committed to the successful implementation of the Bina Harbour Project in Malaita Province.

This is evident with the significant progresses that have been reached so far.

This include the successful reconciliation ceremony held last year, identification of the ideal site for water source, identification of landowners of the harbour access, conducting of the study on financing options and the identification of a project office site.

DCGA is serious in taking on board the many challenges faced by past successive governments in moving this national project forward.

Currently, consultations are being held between the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (OPMC), the World Bank Group, International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR), Malaita Provincial Government and the resource owners.

The Bina Harbour Project is a proposed Tuna factory which has faced several cross-sectoral challenges over the past years.

Hence, a cross-sectorial approach with a strong notion of ‘working together’ with all relevant stakeholders to this project is now being undertaken.

Whilst the MFMR remain the leader and focal point of this national project, consultations in moving the project forward now involves all sectors and parties directly and indirectly related to the project.

The Government believes the positive impacts this national project will have on the country is huge.

When operational the proposed Tuna factory will employ at minimum, more than a thousand employees.

“Ideally, we want our pacific athletes attending the games in 2023 to eat fish products produced in Bina.”

Apart from employment, the positive trickle down impacts of this factory is that many local businesses and local famers in the country would benefit in supplying food produce and basic needs to the factory and its employees.

A benchmark has been set by Sol-Tuna operations in Noro Western Province which we can learn from.

All parties and stakeholders to this national project acknowledges the political will from DCGA in seeing this project operational.

The Bina Harbour Project is expected to be in operational by 2023.