Gov’t bring development right down to rural Temotu Pele 

Most wanted developments have reached the shores of Lomlom people in the Reef Islands of Temotu Pele Constituency (TPC) from the National Government through their Member of Parliament and Minister for the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) Honourable Duddley Kopu.

This followed a successful historic groundbreaking ceremony to commence construction work on the 17 kilometers Lomlom Coastal Ring-Road held on Monday 11th July at Nyialo village in the Reef Islands of Temotu Province.

The occasion proved the close collaboration and firm partnership between the National Government through the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID), Temotu Pele Constituency of the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD), Temotu Provincial Government (TPG), Landowners, and communities in the reef Islands.

Speaking during the event Acting Prime Minister and Minister for the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) Manasseh Maelanga hailed Member of Parliament for Temotu Pele Hon. Duddley Kopu and his constituency for the remarkable achievement.

“The Lomlom Ring Road has been a dream for the people of this constituency for a long time and I am glad to inform you all that it was through the vision of your MP that this dream is going to be realized today,” Hon. Mealanga said.

He further echoed that the DCGA government recognizes the need to support remote parts of our country and through its policies encourages resource owners to support the government by allowing their resources for such infrastructure development to make life easier and boost economic development through sectors like agriculture, fisheries, and tourism.

Hon. Maelanga further stressed that Temotu Pele Constituency is one of the luckiest constituencies in the country. “This was because of the working together of the landowners, the provincial government, and your hardworking MP,” he further added.

The road once completed will directly pass through ten villages, settlements, and schools. Villagers from neighboring islands of Pileni, Nifiloli, and Fenualo Islands will also use the road to access the Manuopo Area Health Center, Lomlom Airstrip, and Balipa Community High School, and Nyialo Fisheries Centre.

Meanwhile, Hon. Kopu, MP said the rehabilitation of Lomlom Ring Road is aligned with the current National Transport Plan of MID. 

“The Government is willing to develop our rural areas and is willing to collaborate with landowners on priority community projects such as roads and other infrastructure,” he said. 

Hon. Kopu then called on communities and people of his constituency to render much-needed support for the project.

Rehabilitation work on the Lomlom Coastal Ring-Road in the Reef Islands is one of the national government’s major road infrastructure projects for this year.

The project is co-financed by MID and Temotu Pele Constituency under the Constituency Development Fund, a program administered by the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD).

The contract was awarded to AJ Enterprise Ltd on 4th November 2021 through the Central Tender Board (CTB), however, due to the threat posed by COVID-19 in the country, the project was delayed.

Other major ongoing projects that are also supported by the government through the partnership agreement between Temotu Pele Constituency, and Temotu Provincial Government include Manuopo Area Health Centre, Nyialo Fishery Centre, and Water Supply. 

“These projects demonstrated strong partnership between our rural people, the relevant government ministries, constituency, the Temotu Provincial Government, and the Temotu Pele landowners,” Hon. Kopu added.

The ground-breaking ceremony was attended by the Acting Prime Minister and MID Minister as the guest of honor Hon. Maelanga, Minister of MRD Hon. Dudley Kopu, MP for Temotu Nende Comins Aston Mewa, MID Permanent Secretary Stephen Maesiola, MRD Permanent Secretary Dr. Samson Viulu, Temotu Provincial Premier Clay Forau, and TPG Executive, government officials, chiefs, and communities within the Pele constituency.

The event was held under the theme, “Togetherness brings Development for Reef Islands”.