Govt’s preparedness and response measures activated, in full operation

The Government has activated the various elements, protocols and standard operating procedures of its preparedness plans.

This is in light of the country’s first confirmed case of COVID-19 who is a student recently repatriated from Philippines.

Speaking during a special nationwide address this afternoon, the Prime Minister stated,

“The preparedness and response measures taken by the government over the past eight months have now been activated and are now in full operation.”

He stated that the planning, preparation, simulations and exercises have not been in vain and the government is confident of its capacity to respond, contain and manage the situation to ensure that the safety and wellbeing of the public is maintained.

Prime Minister Sogavare also stated that all protocols and Standing Operating Procedures have been activated as well as risk assessment in the Quarantine Stations have been done by the surveillance team.

According to the Prime Minister, case investigation has commenced and is in progress as well as contact tracing in operation.

The case investigation process includes informing the country’s representatives in Manila to ensure that persons who came into contact with the infected student in Manila are also informed and necessary precautions put in place.

Risk assessment is now being carried out for all front line staff that were working on the night the flight arrived from the Philippines and based on the outcome of this assessment, frontline staff who came into contact with the affected students will also be quarantined and tested.

“All the planning and simulations that we did over past months are now operational,” he stated.

Prime Minister Sogavare also made an assurance of the Government’s commitment to continue to ensure the safety and well-being of the population.

He also reminded the public to remain calm and stay alert for official updates.

“We are all in this together,” he said.