GP assures PM Sogavare of support

The Guadalcanal Provincial Government has assured Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare of their support to the DCGA Government in achieving its policy objectives and its National Development Goals. 

Premier Francis Sade and his delegation recently paid a courtesy call to the Prime Minister and personally conveyed his provincial Government’s solidarity with Prime Minister Sogavare and the ruling government. 

The Guadalcanal Provincial Premier acknowledged that, it was during Mr Sogavare’s previous tenure as Prime Minister that Guadalcanal Province was gifted the Rita Eleven building, which now housed the Guadalcanal Provincial Headquarter.

Premier Sade adds that the Doma Township Project has also received initial funding from the National Government. 

Guadalcanal Province further acknowledged the Prime Minister for purchasing MV. Solomone 1 for the people of Guadalcanal. 

“Your bravery as a national leader during our country’s history must also be commended,” Mr Sade said.

“It is for these and more reasons that my government fully supports your ruling Government,” Premier Sade told the Prime Minister.

Premier Sade said this is a clear demonstration of his administration’s wish and commitment to see change and ensure we advance the development goals of Guadalcanal Province as an agent of the National Government. 

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare complimented Guadalcanal Province for taking the lead in embracing major national developments in the country.  

Prime Minister Sogavare said about 90 percent of the national the economy is generated from activities on Guadalcanal Province. 

“That is a big commitment by the Guadalcanal Province”, he emphasised. 

On land issues, Prime Minister Sogavare said, the Townsville Peace Agreement was clear that there should be “no developments on lands outside town boundaries, until issues of the Townsville Peace Agreement are addressed.” 

He said developments springing up in alienated lands had contradicted the TPA and must be addressed.