GP Commerce & Investment Division toughens up on shops

The Guadalcanal Province Commerce and Investment Division (GPGID) had carried out a successful background exercise checks on several foreign owned shops within its boundary at the Capital Park area (northeastern part of Honiara City) last week with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Labour and Immigration, Company Haus, Consumer Affairs, and GP Police.

The background exercise checks are part of the GPGID ongoing strategic regulation work plan for this year. The main purpose of the background checks is to see whether these foreign owned shops are operating legally under the Guadalcanal Province Business and Hawkers’ License Ordinance (GPBHLO) 2014.

Further, the background exercise checks are to bring awareness to the foreign shop owners in light of the several new ordinances pertaining to businesses and investments.

The background checks involved the basic businesses’ criteria; fees, expired goods, ownership of businesses, registrations, work permits, visas, and other issues pertaining to business and investment.

A GPGID’s spokesperson, who wished to remain anonymous, stated that the background exercise checks last week was quite successful because some of the shops were closed until they’re comply with the GPBHLO.

He also stated that some of the foreign shop owners were genuine while others stated a lot of baseless excuses. He furthered that GPGID will be doing the same for all existing businesses whether be it foreign or locally owned once the relevant ordinances (which are yet to be assented by the Minister of MPGIS, Mr. Rollen Seleso).

Additionally, he thanked the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Labour and Immigration, Company Haus, Consumer Affairs and GP Police to assist in last week’s successful background checks exercise. In summary, he encouraged all shop owners operating within Guadalcanal Province’s jurisdiction to visit the GPGID office at the GPHQ to ensure they operate legally in order to avoid any future consequences.

– GP Media Release


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