Hackers Use Interactive COVID-19 Map to Spread Malware

The Solomon Islands Herald has put together valuable information that has been released by the SANS about the Corona Scams that has been out there on the internet. This will help our readers stay informed and only go to the right sources for information about Covid-19.

Extract from SANS:

Hackers have weaponized a live COVID-19 map to spread the AZORult malware, which steals passwords, payment card information, cookies, and other sensitive data. In a related story, state-sponsored hackers are using COVID-19 information as a lure in phishing attacks.

Hackers Use Interactive COVID-19 Map to Spread Malware
Vulnerable map agent

Editor’s Note

By now, your company should have warned employees of the inevitable flood of malware and phishing attacks around the COVID-19 pandemic. Good to remind them it will happen again when things start to return to normal.

Expect high quality social engineering attempts due to the plethora of information about COVID-19, and users’ desire to keep up-to-date on the illness and its impacts.

Please read more about this on the following links:

Solomon Islands Herald extract set of useful links recommended by Malwarebytes so you can get correct and up-to-date information about the spread of Corona. See below:

Coronavirus information and data resources

If you’re afraid about the spread of coronavirus, we understand. But please, do not click any links in any sketchy emails, and do not donate to any causes you have not already vetted outside of your email client.

If you want to know up-to-the-date information about the virus, again, please visit the following resources:

Stay safe everyone!