HCC accused

One Link Management has accused certain official from Honiara City Council for deliberately refusing to provide a legitimate Business License to One Link Pacifica as required under s 3(2) of the Honiara City Council (Regulation of Business Licenses) ordinance 2011.

One Link Management is fully aware of the provision of the business license ordinance, and therefore had made several attempt to obtained the business license but was refused, denied, and prevented by the City Clerk from being issued and be given a business license.

The Management of One Link Pacifica is questioning the motive and action of the City Clerk and Treasurer of the council which has contravened the regulation of the business license ordinance in ensuring business are given the right to pay business license and to operate in the City,

Why are other businesses given the right to pay their business license and our locally registered firm is being denied its right to register and operate in the City, Is this not discrimination & injustice, Jealously, but in whose interest? The illegality of our operation as you alleges is caused by your very own decision.

The sole purpose of enacting the business license ordinance is to boost Honiara City Council collecting more revenue to meet and deliver its basic services to the population and residents of Honiara.

The immediate responsibilities of the Council is to create jobs and employment opportunities, create and encourage more businesses in the City, and not to discourage our very owned local people becoming entrepreneurs and own businesses,

City Clerk Sore’s intention and calls for the closer of One Link Pacifica is absurd, inappropriate, irresponsible, unnecessary, ill-conceived, and ignorant and is not in any way in the best interest of the residents of Honiara City Council and the Country.

One Link Pacifica is not a commercial bank nor is a financial institution and therefore obliges or requires an approval from Central Bank under its Act and regulations as was indeed confirmed by Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI).

It is also very damaging for the City Clerk Rence Sore to have branded One Link Pacifica as the Charity Fund because we are not,  One Link Pacifica have helped a lot of our clients who have invested and bought  our financial products and will continue to do so, It is now becoming a household name in Honiara and elsewhere because our people have felt the impact of our investment model, they have indeed recognised and truly appreciate the benefits they have received now impacting their livelihood. 

Our business investment model is totally defers from all Commercial banks and financial institution operating within the Country, we are a non traditional business model, compared to what we have in the country, our model and vision in doing business is very simple,

Our objective is to create many of our clients/investors significantly (indigenous) becoming entrepreneurs and own business, through creation of network marketing system where using a large group of dedicated independent entrepreneurs to move a product or service more efficiently through a word of mouth, which is completely efficient amongst all our members or investors.

It is a great way of doing business today, easy to get and participate into for extremely low price, be self employed, and be an effective entrepreneur, the Spirit is to produce and create more entrepreneurs amongst our working population, working poor, market vendors, rural subsistence farmers and fishermen throughout the Country, an area where Honiara City Council and CBSI through all Commercial Banks and other Financial Institutions in the Country have failed miserably to addressed and facilitate.

One Link Pacifica is a 100% locally owned registered firm, is only three months old, having recognised the great slavery, hardship and struggling our indigenous people have gone through and currently experiencing is fully committed  in our vision to continue to assist and support our people achieve their dreams, livelihood and enhancement of their standard of living.

The City Clerk, Lord Mayor and Councillors must think, behave and act responsibly as leaders, before jeopardising thousands of clients who have invested with our firm.

We are looking forward to work very closely with Honiara City Council and with other Provinces to encourage our very own indigenous people to participate in the socio-economic development of our communities and Country.


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