HCC warns city developers to comply with ordinances

The Honiara City Council (HCC) has issued a stern warning to all developers in the city that buildings constructed in absence of valid Building Permits will be penalised or demolished without a second thought.

City Clerk Rence Sore says that it is advisable that city developers must have approved Building Permits from the Planning and Development Board before undertaking infrastructural development in the City.

“The practice of building infrastructural developments before seeking approval of Planning and Development Boards Building Permit is a thing of the past.

“Be that as it may, Developments and/or Buildings that are constructed in-absence of valid Building Permits will be penalised and a “Stop Notice” or “Demolition Order” issued without second thought,” he warns.

He adds that HCC stands strong in implementing its functions as prescribed in the Planning and Development Ordinances and Regulations.

Since taking up office in June 2019, City Major Wilson Maemae and City Clerk Rence Sore has made tremendous moves over the past months that attracted huge public support.

Earlier this month there was a joint operation by the HCC Law Enforcement Unit together with the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) that resulted in the arrest and charging of a number of street betel nut vendors for breaching the council ordinances.

Betel nut market stalls in the city were also demolished during the clean-up operation.

Another milestone achieved when the new administration take charge of the HCC’s office was the installation of closed-circuit television (CCTV), video surveillance or video cameras at its main headquarter office and at the Honiara Central Market.

Clerk Sore earlier said the operations were part of HCC’s clean-up campaign and will continue for an unspecified period of time and also a change to ensure the council’s aims, goals and objectives are met.

The moves by the HCC’s administration attracts huge public support with people took to the social media to commend the Council for taking such bold stance against people who continue to breach the Council’s ordinances and regulations.


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