The Tourism and Culture Division of the Honiara City Council has launched it’s Policy and ten year strategic plan.

This is the first for the Division since it was established last year, and is the direction that will set it’s course.

Mayor Wilson Mamae thanked the Chairman, Director and staffs of the Tourism and Culture Division for producing the important document.

“I really appreciate what has been done by the division and thank you all for the job well done.”

“Also I acknowledge that the Tourism and Culture policy and 10 years strategic plan is aligned with the Policy statement and Cooperate Plan of HCC, and would like to encourage you to continue with the good work in implementing it,” he said.

City Clerk Rence Sore added that this is a milestone and congratulated the new Division for the great effort in putting the Policy and strategic plan together.

Sore said this is the way forward to create and develop Tourism and Culture in Honiara City.

Chairman for Tourism and Culture Cr. Mostyn Saverio said the Policy has three parts, the administration, schedule implementation and Divisional and stakeholders cooperation.

It is divided into short, medium and long term with the theme “Taking back the Happy Isles” emphasizing on think global, act local concept.

The main focus of the Policy and Strategic Plan is on product development with a possible review by medium term 2023-2025.



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