Health receives important marine safety equipment

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) remains grateful towards the continuous support from donors and partners. 

Last week the government of New Zealand delivered 300 life jackets and 300 raincoats to the Ministry of Health for distribution to relevant health workers in all provinces. 

In handing over the items, Acting New Zealand High Commissioner Mr. Don Higgins acknowledged the efforts of the government and the Ministry of Health in preventing to date the worst- case scenario, a community transmission of COVID-19.

“We recognize the tremendous efforts placed into ensuring that the country remains COVID-19 free and to date without any evidence of a community transmission. This in itself is a great testament to the dedication and commitment of Solomon Islands in its fight against COVID-19 global pandemic”,

“We understand that sea travel remains integral towards delivery of health services including COVID-19 vaccination roll out to the people, the majority of whom reside in the hundreds of the Islands that make up  Solomon Islands, hence we very pleased to be providing support in this regard”, said Mr. Higgins.

He concluded with assurance of the steadfast commitment of New Zealand towards the health sector of the country to ensure that Solomon Islanders also have the opportunity to access basic and enhanced medical and public health services. 

In receiving the items, Dr Gregory Jilini, Acting Permanent Secretary of Health thanked the government and people of New Zealand for the support.

“We are grateful indeed for the support as we are now in the wet season, and travelling by boat during these times poses great safety concerns for our workers more especially as we continue to move COVID-19 vaccines closer to communities across the islands. So thank you so much for this timely support”. 

“Distribution of these items will be such that provinces with bigger population and health operations will get more of these so to ensure that resources are utilized and not remain idol in the offices”, explained Dr Jilini. 

The Acting PS also advised all health workers across the country to take good care of the items provided and use it according to its intended purpose.


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