Most young people that are infected with COVID 19 and are asymptomatic [do not show any symptoms or signs of illness] have a high chance of making full recovery without even being sick. Between 50%- 70% will remain asymptomatic or only have trivial symptoms such as sore throat and headache.

University of Queensland Professor, Ian Frazer made this statement in an exclusive interview with the Government Communication Unit (GCU) this week.

Professor Frazer is one of the experts on COVID 19 in Australia, enlisted amongst distinguished individuals who can be consulted on issues relating to COVID 19.

A person whose COVID 19 status is ‘asymptomatic’ is one who does not show any sign of the illness.

Professor Frazer further explained, less than 1 in 100 of these young people could then go on to become seriously ill.

According to Professor Ian Frazer, young people who have infected with COVID-19 who are asymptomatic can be normal and free from infection after 14 days on average, but they have to be tested again to ensure they are no longer active.

However, Professor Frazer warned that young people who are asymptomatic can be infectious up to 14 days and are as infectious as people who are terminally ill.

He added, given COVID 19’s highly contagious nature, these young people might pose great risk to other vulnerable sections of the population such as the elderly and those with chronic diseases, but even to other normal healthy individuals.

The Prime Minister in his special national address update on Wednesday this week, while announcing the six additional confirmed cases of COVID 19, said the positive cases of our 12 students are asymptomatic cases. This means all 12 of our students that have been tested positive with COVID-19 do not show any sign of being sick, meaning they have a high chance of recovery.

It is understood that being asymptomatic is not only the absence of any signs of the illness but it also means there is high chance of recovery.

Prime Minister Sogavare continues to call on all Solomon Islanders to unite in prayer for our students in Philippines as the Government continues to work on their repatriation back to the country.