Home quarantine is now not an option upon issuing of Travel Adviory No.4 for enforcement on the 22nd of March 2020. The Ministry of Health boost up its interventions in the prevention preparedness response to the COVID-19 Global Emergency.
Any incoming travelers will be transported directly to the quarantine centre upon arrival and will remain at the quarantine site for 14 days. It is a process and procedures to ensure prevent spread of the virus should it be imported. Quarantining of persons does not mean that they are sick or are infected with COVID-19 but it is because these persons or travellers have come from affected countries and to minimise any potential risk to the community.

Families, relatives and friends are asked to comply and respect the quarantine rules of 14 days at the quarantine facilities and should expect no pick up of relative or friends from the arrival exits.
For those under quarantine, you are strongly instructed to adhere to the instructions as given to you by health officials at the points of entry.
Health Officials continue to urge the general public to practice social distancing and good hygiene bahaviours such as hand washing, cover mouth when coughing and sneezing and avoid social gatherings, and stay at least 1 metre to 2 metres away.