Hon. Dettke commended heroes who saved him and late Garo


DESPITE Prime Minister (PM) Manasseh Sogavare demanded for a word of thanks from Honorable Member of Parliament for North West Guadalcanal Bodo Dettke during the no-confidence vote on the 6th of December 2021, Dettke instead came out publicly thanking the true heroes who saved him and late Honorable John Garo’s life.

It is believed PM Sogavare during the no-confidence debate urged Honorable Dettke to thank him and Honorable Danny Philip for risking their lives to save them during the height of the ethnic tension twenty plus years ago.

However, in a public statement from Hon. Dettke came out on Friday 10th of December 2021, he instead sincerely thanked his former lawyer late Andrew Nori, as described sent by heavenly angels intercepted just at the right time and ordered their release from the hands of the abductors, and sincerely thank Moses Su’u for not executing the next stage of the plot, killing him and late John Garo.

“There has been an increasing demand on social media for me to do what Hon. Prime Minister proposed, and that is for me to thank him and Hon. Danny Philip for saving my life when I was abducted and brought to his office as the Official Leader of Opposition at Vavaya Ridge in Honiara in 2000,” Hon. Dettke explained this in his public address regarding the allegation.

He said, the fact that late Hon. Garu and I were abducted and brought to the office of the leader of opposition at Vavaya Ridge at that time and have now been admitted by PM Sogavare.

“What has not been uncovered or explained is the motive for the abduction and for taking us to the office of the Leader of Opposition,” Hon. Dettke uttered.

He pointed out that he reserved his right not to venture into this part of the plot until he is comfortable that the time is right for him to do so.

“There are many factors I must weigh before engaging in such a venture, like the safety of my family and businesses and the impartiality of the police.

“I thank Mr. Moses Su’u for his humility to come and make confessions to me about the plot, and for apologizing to him personally,” Hon. Dettke expressed.

Furthermore, the former Malaita Eagle Force (MEF) commander Moses Su’u video interview on social media last year 2020, revealing the same alleged abduction of Hon. Dettke and the late Hon. Garo.

He recalled during the height of the ethnic crisis, he received a phone call from late Hon. Charles Dausabea and the leader of opposition who is now the current prime minister came over to meet them at the office of the opposition at Vavaya Ridge.

“When we arrive at the opposition office, we meet Honorable Charles Dausabea, the current PM Sogavare, and others who are masterminding the alleged abduction of these two Guadalcanal men,” he recalled.

It was revealed by Su’u that when they took Hon. Dettke and the late Hon. Garo for the execution plan, he thought in his mind why these gentlemen are destined to be killed? His conscience has continuously kept on telling him that what they are trying to do is not right.

“The first person to talk to us is Hon. Dettke said he was not joining or even sponsoring any militant group, the so called Guadalcanal Revolution Army (GRA) or the Isatabu Freedom Movement (IFM) thus the business he operates only to serve his family and making sure it continuously operates, whilst late Hon. Garo on the other hand uttered the same confession saying he is not sponsoring any militants or not even part with them,” Su’u recalled.

Therefore, he recalled his decision at that time was that he released the two innocent gentlemen because he found no reason for them to be killed.

He explained the abduction of Hon. Dettke and the late Hon. Garo are personal feelings between the two parties.

“Actually Charles Dausabea and the current PM Sogavare were asking Dettke and late Hon. Garo for sponsoring the MEF militants with food supplies but these two gentlemen are not responding well to their request so these top politicians turned around and falsely accused them saying they were supporting the Guadalcanal militants,” Su’u expressed.

Although such allegations raised against prime minister, there is no response from him until during the no-confidence vote on the floor of parliament, prime minister came out strongly urging Honorable Dettke to say thank you to him and the Honorable Member of Parliament for Rendova/Tetepari Danny Philip for saving their lives.

Prime Minister Sogavare recalled it was me and Hon. Danny Philip that saved Hon. Dettke and the late Hon. Garo during the height of the ethnic tension.

“If we don’t risk our own lives to save the two gentlemen from Guadalcanal, they probably would have been killed!

“I condemned this in a very strong term that the allegations against me are totally misleading,” PM Sogavare strongly uttered this statement during the no-confidence motion.

He highlighted that there is no need to falsely accuse someone with stories that are not true.

However, PM Sogavare therefore has denied all the allegations raised against him saying it is useless tarnishing someone with this so-called fake information.


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