Hon. MP, Minister for Agriculture and Live Stock, Mr. Senly Levi Filualea prompts by his Christmas Games theme in 2021

Dry Kaibia Sports Club enthused Hon. Minister with the 2021 Christmas Games theme “Striving to Celebrate Unity in Sports in North Malaita”. The game events will be hosted for free for constituency clubs from 26th December to 31st December 2021. 

The Hon. MP, Minister shows commitment to host his Christmas Sports Games by delivering $24,000 as the first batches of the pre-host budget composures. A $7,000 was initially supported for transportation & installation of goal posts on the field, a $7,000 delivered directly to the Chairman and Principal of Walo Community High School on 16th November 2021, for the venue and facilities hire and a $10,000 cash handed to Dry Kaibia Sports Club Executives and games host board in Honiara by 16th November 2021. The batch of funds ($10,000) delivered to the Chairman Mr. Herman Salekai Manipuria in the caption will cover the following costs involved; logistics, administration, venue and facilities preparedness for the game events.  As the need for resources emerged towards the post-host events, Hon. MP Minister Levi will eventually deliver the other components progressively. 

The Minister pronounced amidst his constituents in 2020 at Anuke School playing field, that the rights to host this constituency games now given to Dry Kaibia as one of the veteran clubs in North Malaita Constituency. 

In return, the club accepted the challenge in humility and inspired its members to ensure the rights to host given by Hon. Minister served well in a more organized games delivery model. As said by the Chairman of the Club, that he appeals to the club to ensure the words of our National Leader will not fall on the soils of ward 7 nonetheless, Dry Kaibia Club will ensure it delivers the game modality our Hon. MP, Minister deserves in 2021.  

In accepting the privilege to host the Constituency wide Christmas games, Dry Kaibia Sports Club takes at heart the responsibility to plan and strategize the host-model to deliver the games. As announced by the Minister in his recent Christmas games at Anuke High School in ward 8, that the cost implications for Dry Kaibia to host the game events would be around two hundred thousand dollars ($200,000). 

To deliver the games, Dry Kaibia Executive sees fit that its technical talents devised a temporary host structure for the game events. The host structure reflects its host model supported by its master host plan. 

The delivery model has three integral parts; (1) The pre-host events composure; (2) The post-host events composure and (3) The host closure events composure. The $200,000 figure value shared to the cost estimates involved in the hosting structure. The whole resources will not be in cash material alone. The package will involve cash, material and kind. Composure of the host-master plan has an inbuilt budget plan and a simple procurement plan. 

Dry Kaibia Club prepares to handle this public funds and resources delegated by the Hon. MP. Minister Levi to them with streamlined governance principles of stewardship, transparency and accountability. 

The game codes to play during the whole event will involve 11 aside soccer senior, 11 aside soccer oldies, three teams representing three wards in the constituency and Dry Kaibia will be given the privilege to make fourth additional. 7 aside soccer code for under 14, volley ball for senior and netball for senior. The hosting club has ample time to do team invitations, registration (Accreditation) and drawings to finalize the game matches for the different game codes. 

The ward 7 in North Malaita constituency looks forward for this game events. The events will bring Christmas vibes and celebrations. It is such a privilege given to them to be part of the events to sell their local produced, catering and kind. However, integral to the event is a time for the whole constituency to come together and also recognize the birth of Christ being a great break-through in the Plan of Salvation by God to Mankind. Therefore, Hon. Minister in collaboration with Dry Kaibia Sports Club desire to wish North Malaita Constituency a successful game events. Together we appeal that let us all come together in Unity and celebrate in Sports in the closing moments of 2021.