Solomon Star newspaper Friday 28/2/20 Lord Mayor Wilson Mamae & City Clerk Rence Sore ill-conceived outburst, Let me remind them that the majority of City residents and working population, market vendors, teachers, Police Officers, Public Officers, City Councillors and their employees, school children and thousands more in the Provinces have benefited tangibly from their investment with One Link Pacifica and thousands more are waiting patiently to receive their share of their investment with One Link Pacifica.

With their very little money of SBD250.00 they have invested in One Link Pacifica, they can now enjoy watching their favourite TV programme, are eventually able to purchase a bus or car, complete their house, able to settle their school fees, growth their market, buy decent clothing, and cooking utensils and household luxurious items, and started a small canteen, improved their handicrafts products and sales, and able to put food on the table and the lists goes on.

This is a fact that both the Mayor Mamae and City Clerk Rence Sore and those at Central Bank would not denied, unless pretending that they don’t know or perhaps they probably living in a different world. One Link Pacifica now is a household name in Honiara and the Country.

Least the Mayor, City Clerk and Head of Intelligent Unit of Central Bank forget that the little money these people took to invest with One Link Pacifica is their very own hard earned money. It is not any funds they have borrowed from Honiara City Mayor or his Clerk or Central Bank, very sorry indeed, that is their own money, is that clear? Or have you given money to them to invest with One Link Pacifica? Secondly, do you Mayor Mamae and City Clerk Sore have any rights over these people’s own money? Can these people also dictate you on how you spend or invest your money? ABSOLUTELY NOT, that is their rights, they decide on what to do with their own money, so what is your concern here Mr, Mamae, City clerk Sore and Central Bank?

Haven’t you notice or realised, the struggling of your very own people, the plight of our very own people significantly in Honiara, our young/youth, school children, women and young girls, market vendors the unemployed, the working poor, what is your solution to all of these? Would you bring in another con investor such as the likes of SKYLINE & NAZZAR which both of you had previously and vigorously pursued, what a scam!!! What have they achieved? “ZERO” NO CONTRIBUTIONS AT ALL, but what have One Link Pacifica achieved within its three months operation, MASSIVE, just ask the people who had invested and you shall hear the great impact it has on them and their livelihood.

Anyway, let consider another scenario, let us deposit SBD250.00 in one of the commercial banks which obtained a banking license from and regulated by Central Bank and after 30days, how much would you receive? MINUS ZERO (00) in your bank account and after a year operation, you heard them remitting MILLIONS of dollars to their foreign countries, much delight to their Shareholders, so are we still blindfolded, open your eyes folks, this is the twentieth/first century and in search of a better way to alleviate the current plight of our peoples struggling and sufferings and starvations, what shall we do or what shall you contribute Mayor, City Clerk Rence Sore and Central Bank of Solomon Islands?

Have you got any idea? You are the bosses, so how, bury and suppressed our own people with your dictatorial attitude? Why can’t we accept new initiatives, new invention, new innovative business model, new strategies, new mentality, the world and the economy is changing, we need to move on. Honiara City Council is not a private company, it is owned and governed by the people and for the people of the City.

So what is so special about the business license, how much is it, SBD1,000,000? Definitely not, according to information HCC business license for such is SBD1000.00 per year, so Mayor and City Clerk Sore compared that with the more than SBD20,000,000 dollars now paid out in investment returns to One Link Pacifica clients/members.

So may I ask the City Mayor and City Clerk “Is One Link Pacifica not contributing to the wellbeing of individuals and families within Honiara and the country? Unless you may be living in the Galaxy then you might not know what is happening in the City. So why are you so concerned about someone or a firm who is doing good and contributing tangibly to the communities and people of Honiara? These are the very people who voted you becoming Councillors and leaders; you should put people’s interest first than you own.

So my advice to you is just humble yourselves and do what the ordinance requires which is to collect the business license money from One Link Pacifica and let them operate their business innovative model, after all they are a registered business and are indigenous Solomon Islanders.

CBSI has no connections with One Link Pacifica and will never charge them from not obtaining a banking License from the Central Bank of Solomon Islands as ONE LINK PACIFICA IS NOT a commercial bank or a financial institution. That is what I know and what senior officers at Central Bank told me.

Henry Star Dora
Former Councillor


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