JQY allegedly blamed for bribing six MPAs, supporters of no confidence vote against MARA gov’t

BY CHRIS HAPERT HA’ARABE – a private investigative piece by the author.

IT was believed that JQY shop in Honiara has been allegedly blamed for being the core financial sponsor that bribes the six Members of Malaita Provincial Assembly (MPA), who’s supporting the no-confidence vote against MARA government in October last year, 2021.

An eye witness who wishes not to be named said,  he had proven that JQY management was allegedly involved in bribing the six MPAs in their resignation from MARA executive during the Premier Suidani’s absence for medical treatment overseas.

“JQY is the main financial sponsor involving in bribing the six MARA executive members with the sum of $10.000, each to leave Suidani’s gov’t,” he uttered.

He claimed that he was there at the scene when some of the locals who also part of the move came to see the owner of JQY shop.

“I saw some of the ex-militants and a former police officer walking into JQY premises at that time which believed they were there for some dealings, no doubt about what was seen,” he explained.

Anxiously the eye witness and his friends closely continued watching the supporters of the no-confidence vote against MARA gov’t, and at the end they knew it was true these fellow Malaitans were also part of the dealings. Actually they were the main actors to execute what was planned.

“The group of men to carry the mission are none other but the likes of former ex-militant commander Moses Su’u, former police officer Solomon Sisimia, ex-militant John Ome, and others who are working with the national gov’t to disunite MARA  gov’t,” the informer proclaimed.

He allegedly claimed that the names mentioned above have also appeared in Auki town during the controversial political move by some of the MARA supporters asking former deputy premier Randol Sifoni to resign from deputy post.

Therefore, it was highlighted that after what happened to former deputy premier Sifoni, he then joined the other MPAs, leading up to the no-confidence vote raised against MARA leader Mr Suidani.

However in response, JQY management has condemned false claims labeled against them thus tarnishing their image publicly.

The JQY owner explained, it is not good to mislead people with such false allegations.

“Claims that some people uttered they saw former police officer, Solomon Sisimia, former ex-militant commander Moses Su’u and others went into JQY premises, allegedly to receive the money to pay the six resign MARA members are totally a misleading information,” JQY owner proclaimed.

These individuals who have their names mentioned are not part of any allegations. The former police officer Mr Solomon Sisimia is a good friend, and what happened is that he was requesting JQY company to assist the Malaita Beach Soccer team participating during the Beach Soccer tournament held in Honiara last year, 2021.

Therefore, JQY management stepped in to support Malaita beach soccer team that is why these individuals came over with Mr Sisimia to JQY shop that day, JQY owner explained.

“Please, we really need to prove our claims and showcase such evidence before we label others with such claims.”

“JQY is a business company, and it had nothing to do with such bribery allegations claiming the management has involved in the resignation of the six MPAs from the MARA government,” he uttered.

The management urged the general public not to listen to such misleading information, but rather worked together for a common good for the people of Malaita province, and the country as a whole.

“This kind of misleading information will bring about disharmony, and disturbances in our society like uplifting riots or lootings which we all don’t want,” he said.


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