KG VI School dormitories ready to accommodate quarantine persons

After a week of clean-up and renovation, King George Sixth (KG VI) National Secondary School dormitories has been repurposed to accommodate persons who is compelled to undergo the compulsory 14-days quarantine.
The Infrastructure Sector Committee (ISC) established under the National Disaster Management plan 2018 responsible for the coordination of infrastructure developments has assessed all the identified Institutional Quarantine Facilities (IQF).
“Considering the urgency and the need to prepare facilities to be available and ready for emergency and medical purposes, the ISC has been tasked to fast-track preparatory work” Urban Works and Services officer of the Ministry of Infrastructure Development officer Derrick Lediomea said.
So as of last week, ISC contracted the repurposing of the KG VI school dorms to 9 major building construction groups in town.

Mr Lediomea said the dorms are modified to standard purpose for COVID-19.
“Also the sites are advantage, being close in proximity to the airport and isolated from the public spots,” he said adding that the contractors work around the clock in each of the 10 dormitories by cleaning, repainting, tiling, plumbing, door fitting, changing of window screen and louvre glasses and water tank installment.
KG VI School dormitories has 150 rooms and a bed capacity of 300 which is the biggest of the three government established sites for quarantine purposes.
For now, the remaining task is for Camp Management Sector Committee of N-DOC to supply furniture and bedding materials into each room.
Under regulation 6 of the Emergency Powers (COVID-19) Hon. Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare declared that the public places; Guadalcanal Beach Resort, National Hosting Authority (formerly known as the Telekom Recreational Centre), King George VI school dormitory and Vimo Apartments as government institutional quarantine sites.
Pacific Casino is a temporary quarantine site strictly for aircrews of Solomon Airlines.

Summary of Quarantine Sites as of 31/03/2020

Site No. of RoomsBed CapacityCurrent OccupancyAvailable space
Guadalcanal Beach Resort621103872
National Hosting Authority518126
VIMO Apartments81484
Pacific Casino6633
King George VI1503000300
Summary of Quarantine Sites as of 31/03/2020