Leader of Opposition congratulates Commissioner of Police, Mostyn Mangau

The leader of Opposition, Hon. Matthew Wale on behalf of the Members of the Opposition, congratulates Mr. Mostyn Mangau on his appointment as Commissioner of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force.

Hon. Wale said, “The appointment is recognition of Mr. Mangau’s long experience in the police service and the leadership qualities he has demonstrated throughout his career at various levels of the RSIPF over the years”.

Mr. Mangau takes on the leadership of the RSIPF at a time of great challenges and uncertainties with the global covid-19 pandemic. However, Hon. Wale said “I am confident that Commissioner Mangau has the integrity and capacity to lead the RSIPF through these challenging times”.

“The important position of Commissioner of Police has been vacant for too long and it is good to see the Prime Minister finally make the appointment. It does beg the question why this decision took so long”, said Hon. Wale.

Hon. Wale said he is encouraged by Commissioner Mangau’s statement that he will work to ensure the RSIPF is independent and impartial and that it discharges its mandate at the highest professional standards. Hon Wale said, Solomon Islanders expect no less of their Commissioner of Police and the RSIPF. Hon. Wale said “Many Solomon Islanders may question whether a Solomon Islander can take on the role of Commissioner of Police at this time. And this must be a challenge Commissioner Mangau must take on and prove to everyone that he is equal to the task”.

“I will personally commit to pray regularly for Commissioner Mangau and support him in this very important responsibility. It is in all our interests that Commissioner Mangau succeeds at this responsibility”. The People of Malaita Outer Islands must be especially proud of this achievement by one of their sons” said Hon. Wale.