Life-changing Marovo wharf project to commence soon

A wharf project that is expected to transform and improve shipping services to more than 5000 people in ward 23 of Marovo constituency is expected to commence this year.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure Development, Hon. Manasseh Maelanga with the Member of Parliament for Marovo constituency, Hon Chachabule Rebi Amoi made a site visit to Kuila Island over the weekend to meet resource owners and to discuss the roadmap for the project.

Kuila Island has been earmarked for the project for its suitability as it is situated at the center of all surrounding communities and lies directly at the Marovo lagoon shipping route.

There was overwhelming response from resource owners during a meeting on Saturday at Warata Island who thanked Hon. Maelanga for assuring them of the National Government’s commitment to commence the project.

The people of that part of Marovo have been traveling and transporting their goods onboard ships using Out Board Motor powered canoes, which often resulted in accidents and damage to goods during rough seas for the last 40 years.

This projected once completed will address these challenges and will improve cargo and passenger safety, most especially, for women and children.

The project was identified by the Marovo MP Hon. Chachabule as one of the priority constituency projects that he brought to the attention of the National Government for funding this year.

Like his constituents, Hon. Chachabule has felt the need for this project to get off the ground to improve shipping services in Marovo.

Besides the main wharf project, the Marovo MP and his constituency Committee also plans to build a proper cargo storage facility, a goods market and other relaxing amenities on Kuila Island to facilitate trade activities for people.

Deputy Prime Minister Maelanga assured resource owners at a meeting on Warata Island on Saturday that engineers from the Ministry of Infrastructure Development will be deployed to the site this month to carry out surveys for the concept design to determine the cost of the project.

“The National Government is committed to this project and I will ensure that all of us achieve this important project for our people of Marovo,” he said.

Resource owner representatives also assured Hon. Maelanga and his delegation that the project site is free from disputes and they are looking forward to work closely with government authorities to move this project forward.

Accompanying the Deputy Prime Minister were the Minister for Public Service and MP for South Vela La Vela, Hon. Frederick Koloqeto, MP for Marovo Hon. Chachabule Rebi Amoi, MP for South Guadalcanal, Hon. Rolland Seleso, Policy Secretary (Productive Sector), Dr. Samson Viulu and Director of Government Communications, George Herming. The delegation returned to Honiara on Sunday.