Lord Howe community in Honiara to set up Crime Prevention Committee

The Lord Howe Community in Honiara are eager to set up a crime prevention committee (CPC) to work in partnership with the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) to ensure their community is safe and peaceful.

This followed a Crime Prevention Strategy community awareness meeting held at the Lord Howe community near the National Referral Hospital in Central Honiara on the night of 5 October 2020 by officers of the RSIPF Crime Prevention Department.

More than 60 men, women and children attended the three-hour meeting that covered topics including:

  • The COVID-19 State of Public of Emergency;
  • Awareness of the drivers of crime;
  • How to set CPCs; and
  • How to make rules and bylaws in communities that are consistent with the National Constitution and the laws of Solomon Islands.

“The awareness talk was part of the ongoing RSIPF Crime Prevention Strategy to reduce crime and promote law and order in partnership with the communities’ current existing structures and crime prevention committees. This is part of the assistance to community leaders to set up and reinforce existing bye-laws in their communities in Honiara,” says Director of the National Crime Prevention Committee, Superintendent Solomon Sisimia.

Superintendent Sisimia says, “The Lord Howe settlement community leaders assured the National Crime Prevention Department team that they will meet and organise a CRC and the bye-laws for their community to enforce peace and maintain law and order in their community.”

“The chairman of the Lord Howe community thanked the RSIPF for the successful awareness talk. This showed that police is taking seriously the initiative to work in partnership with the communities as stipulated in the Crime Prevention Strategy.” Superintendent Sisimia adds, “It is really encouraging to see communities showing their commitment to work with the police to prevent crime and not to depend solely on the police. Crime prevention is every one’s business.”