Maelanga: “I have no business with Malaita PS”


The Deputy Prime Minister and Member of Parliament for East Malaita, Honourable Manasseh Maelanga clarified that he has no power to determine the appointment or the removal of the Provincial Secretary (PS) of Malaita Provincial Government.

Maelanga made the clarification following a media report claiming he has revealed information about the impending sacking of PS Fredrick Fa’abasua while socializing with friends in Auki recently.

Maelanga said he has no business with the PS or even the Deputy PS since both are answerable to Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening (MPGIS).

He said the position of the PS and his deputy is a matter for the MPGIS and the Public Service Commission and not for him to decide.

The DPM also urged the Malaita for Development (M4D) group to stay out from the affairs of the Province as only MPGIS has the legal authority to deal with the Province.

Hon. Maelanga further urged people to learn to distinguish between private matters and public duty.

He explained that any private conversation he had with another person is a matter of privacy and should not be taken into the public domain as that would be an attempt to mislead and arouse anxiety amongst the people.

Maelanga added that he will seek legal redress as the story implicated him while he was on a social outing with his people. 


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