Makira applauds policy awareness programme

The Makira-Ulawa Provincial Government has applauded the National Government’s Policy team for raising awareness on the DCGA national policies and programmes during a two-days outreach session in Kirakira last week.

A team from the Prime Minister’s Policy Unit has conducted a series of policy awareness meetings with both the Provincial Executive and Provincial Assembly as well as prominent representatives from various community groups in the Province.

The Policy awareness Programme has culminated into a Communique that outlines the immediate and medium-term needs of the Province which seeks government attention and consideration.

Makira-Ulawa Premier Julian Maka’a praised the team for assisting his executive to develop the communique which will form the basis for his Government to develop its policy directions with the intention to aligned them to those of the DCGA.

“My 4 months old government have learned a lot from these policy awareness programmes which has equipped us to set out our policy directions and work programmes,” Premier Maka’a said.

The Communique was jointly signed by the Premier and his Executive and the Deputy Prime Minister, Hon Manasseh Maelanga, Minister for Provincial Governments, Commins Mewa, Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources, Nestor Giro and Minister for Lands, Housing and Survey, William Marau on behalf of the national government.

Hon. Maelanga has applauded the communique and pledges the national government’s commitment to work closely with the Provincial Government to ensure that the Province achieves its policy intentions with support from the National Government.

“I am pleased that you have come up with this communique which will assist the national government to support the development aspirations of Makira-Ulawa people,” Mr Maelanga said.

The Provinces has a total population of more than 50,000 people but continues to remain behind others in terms of major infrastructure development that is needed to boost economic activities.

Amongst the most pressing needs of the Province that requires immediate Government attention is the construction of the Kirakira Wharf, the need to upgrade telecommunication to 3G network, a Makira Leaders’ Summit, Upgrade to Kirakira Airport and Road and Bridge rehabilitation on the existing road network in the province.

Parties to the Communique also resolved to adopt and align the Provincial Government policies with the DCGA sectoral programs and reforms and calls on the national government to upgrade 5 existing rural health centers into area health centers to cater for the growing population of the province.


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