MAL supports Northwest Guadalcanal Noni farmers

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) through its Guadalcanal Agriculture Extension Division has delivered farming tools to two farmer groups at Tamboko community in Northwest Guadalcanal recently.

The support included distribution of wheel barrows and pruning tools purposely to support farmers with their harvesting and to manage their noni trees to accessible heights for harvesting and at the same time enhancing increased yield per tree.

Chief Field Officer for Guadalcanal Province Mr. Joseph Wotomaru said the delivery included 10 wheel barrows, 10 loppers and 10 secateurs (pruning scissors).

“17 farmers formed the two farmer groups and actually they are the ones (farmers) that will be benefiting directly from the support as they will be using the tools to improve their farming activities,” Mr. Wotomaru explained.

The distribution was part of MAL’s continuous support under its Sustainable Economic Growth and Export Strengthening (SEGES) programme, a Medium Term Development Programme (MTDP) of the ministry which is being implemented from 2020 to 2024 to boost farmer’s agricultural productivity and to improve their revenue earnings.

MAL supports Northwest Guadalcanal Noni farmers
MAL Guadalcanal Agriculture Extension Officers hands over the tools and wheel barrows to Noni farmers at Tamboko Village.

The main objectives of the SEGES is to;

  • Make sure farmers, associations, producers, buyers and exporters are empowered to increase productivity and to increase revenue earnings.
  • Enhanced copra productivity through rehabilitation and support to CRB activities
  • Enhance Cocoa Productivity through Rehabilitation and Genetic improvements
  • Support Kava developments to increase productivity in all the Provinces

Mr. Wotomaru said the recipients (farmers) are really happy and acknowledged MAL for the assistance which will certainly aid them in their farming undertakings.

He then thanked MAL Extension Department management for the facilitation and procurement of the farming tools and ensuring they are safely delivered to the farmers.

Eight more farmer groups are yet to be supported under this project support for Guadalcanal Province.

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