Malaita Youths Kava Revolution

As J.F Kennedy said “Ask not what your country can do it for you, but ask what you can do for you country”
Time is ticking, youth Unemployement is increasing every year.
Without depending on the Government Malaita Youths decided to take ownership of their future and start engaging in planting kava, they are targeting the 300,000 to one million mark.
Already Youth groups in East Kwaio, East Kwara’ae, Central Kwara’ae, West Kwara’ae are aggressively venturing into Kava, followed by North Malaita, West Are’Are, South Malaita and so forth.
This is not a small dream, a Revolution, something that will radically and significantly transform Malaita.

“We want to economically empower our Youths and provide economic security to them, also to get rid of economic dependency on MPs, many of the rural populace are trapped in the cycle of dependency on MPs, this also attributed to the kind of leaders we elect. People only vote for a leader who provides them money and support, not based on leadership qualities and credentials, when people have economic security, they have the will power to make decisions on their own”
Said Phillip Subu, Chairman of Malaita Youth Caucus.
It is understand that the economic value of Kava is enormous, currently 1Kg kava is sold at $250 SBD, some farmers in Malaita termed it the “Miracle Plant”

“I would like to thank Wale Tobata and Sol Organic Ltd for their generous and unselfish support in providing Kava stalks. You have made an enormous contribution to the future of Malaita and Solomon Islands”
Subu said.


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