MASI reminds journalists of their responsibilities

The Media Association of Solomon Islands (MASI) has reminded local journalists to maintain high ethical and professional journalism standards at all times.

This follows the sacking of veteran journalist Alfred Sasako by Island Sun newspaper.

MASI cannot speak for Island Sun management on the ground of his sacking but can only remind journalists to abide by media code of ethics.

MASI has received concern from public expressing their observation alleging that Sasako outbreak of unethical practices has put the integrity of the newspaper and the credibility of journalism in the country.

MASI President, Charles Kadamana said MASI strives to remind its member Organisations to maintain high ethical and professional journalism standards at all times.

“We have observed over the years that the style of journalism employed by Sasako and printed weekly by the Island Sun newspaper has attracted a lot of negative public perception on the integrity of the paper and journalism in the country as a whole,” Kadamana said.

On the same note he also reiterates the call by the Prime Minister on Media to be more responsible and to exercise the required ethics and standards expected of them.

Mr Kadamana said at the time when the country is facing the impact of the COVID-19 the media should allow a room of cooperation between the government to promote development aspiration of the country to return to normalcy.

MASI also noted that unethical journalism is not tolerated and it denies people of this country from knowing the truth or all sides of a story.

He further reminded all journalists in the country to perform their duties well by striving to tell the truth by remaining objective and professional at all times.

Kadamana said he has a lot of respect for journalists and wish all journalists all the best in their career.