Mayor clarifies Naha Satellite Market

The Naha satellite market in Vura ward has been part of a long term plan for the current HCC Governance.

Mayor Wilson Mamae said in a statement in response to the article published in the Solomon Star newspaper in regards to Vura ward advisory committee wanting to have dialogue with the Government over the proposed site.

The Mayor said the site was approved by the HCC Executive and Full Council as part of the Policy Development of the current Government for satellite market for East Honiara.

“However, with the current Covid 19 pandemic and the State of Public Emergency imposed by the National Government, the policy intention and implantation is immediate,” the statement said.

The desire by the Councillor for Vura Reginald Ngati and his advisory committee should be channelled through HCC, and if HCC see it fit, can consider it.

The Mayor said otherwise the decision by the HCC Full Council still stands, and that is to establish two satellite markets in East and West Honiara. HCC is working with the Oversight Committee to establish the Naha satellite market for east Honiara under the Covid 19 response and measures.