Ministry of Rural Development spells out core responsibility

Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) core mandate is to oversee the management of the Constituency Development Funds towards rural development.

These mandates are provided under Legal Notice 164 and the Constituency Development Funds- (CDF) Act 2013.

According to the CDF Act 2013, MRD is mandated to carry out the management and disbursement of the Constituency Development Funds with integrity and in a prudent manner with a view to safeguarding the interest of potential recipients of the funds.

Furthermore, Section 6(2) of the Act gives responsibility for MRD to coordinate the formulation of Constituency Development Plans and to ensure plans satisfy the planning guide. Unfortunately, the enforcement of the CDF Act is limited as regulations accompanying the CDF Act is yet to be gazetted. However, there is ongoing work on the CDF Act review as part of the ministry’s current reforms.  

With that management and administration of the CDF, MRD also continues supporting socio-economic rural development within the 50 constituencies throughout the Solomon Islands. 

Ministry of Rural Development annually through its development budget has been allocated funds under the Constituency Development Funding (CDF) programme to implement the SIG Support to Constituency Development Fund (SSCD), and People Republic of China Constituency Development Fund (PRCSCD). 

The CDF program consists of four main sub-projects:

• Cash Grant 

• Income Generating projects

• Water and Sanitation, Hygiene projects (WASH)

• Social Infrastructures Projects.

MRD would also like to state clearly here that the ministry does not directly involve or fund any community projects or individuals as some might think.

All the projects are funded under the 50 Constituency Office respectively. Thus, constituents are advised to consult their respective constituency office’s for more information on project submission processes.  

MRD only coordinates formulation of Constituency Development Plan and ensures plans satisfy the planning guidelines as stipulated under Section 6(2) of CDF Act 2013.

Currently the ministry is undertaking fundamental reforms to keep up with change amidst increasing demands for better service delivery to all Solomon Islanders.

These reforms include;

  • Development of the MRD new information/database management system to track, capture and store information on the progress of projects under Constituency Development Fund (CDF) program in order to promote accountability and transparency.
  • Constituency Planning Strengthening Project (CPSP) which aimed at improving the CDF accountability for sustainable development results.
  • MRD functional review which is currently proceeding to assess practical efficiencies and effectiveness of the ministry in fulfilling its mandate.  

One of the fulfilments of the ongoing reforms is the establishment of the Communication and Public Relations Unit of the ministry. 

The ministry determined that the important reforms will position the Ministry to best deliver its key mandates, the Corporate Plan performance indicators, NDS implementation and DCGA Reprioritisation Policy priorities that will enhance delivery of services to the people of Solomon Islands.   

MRD is fully committed to see that all rural Solomon Islanders become meaningfully participated in development activities to improve their social and economic livelihoods.

With Ministry of Rural Development


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