Ms Gladys Habu officially responded to her termination as Miss Solomon Islands

Miss Solomon Islands 2019/20 Ms Gladys Habu responded to her recent termination.

In a public statement published on her official page book page tonight Ms Habu clarified a number of false allegations levelled against her.

Read below Ms Habu’s full public statement.

24th April 2021

Public Statement

My good citizens of Solomon Islands. I trust that many of you have been following the recent news regarding how the situation on closing the chapter of my reign as Miss Solomon Islands 2019/2020 was handled.

On the 15th April 2021 I received a letter from the Pageant Director Joyce Konofilia stating the Miss Solomon Islands Pageant Committee’s decision to “terminate” the Miss Solomon Islands 2019/2020 title. Whilst working on my response a press statement was also released on Facebook by the Pageant Director on the 23rd of April 2021, essentially pasting an altered version of the letter that was sent to me and referring to certain businesses as well as organisations.

I have now sent a formal response to the Pageant Director in private. However since she took it to publicly defame my character on a public forum, I am obliged to clarify to the number of false allegations that have being made against me.

  1. On the 7th of October 2019 I signed a consent form to enter the Miss Solomon Islands Pageant (MSIP). This agreement spelt out the criteria that is needed to be met in order to become a contestant on that platform. Since my crowning on November 2nd 2019, I have not signed any contract with MSIP or Solomon Host although I have repeatedly requested to have this matter addressed. Therefore there was no professional agreement that governed the relationship between Miss Solomon Islands 2019/2020 and MSIP or provided the parameters of engagement, obligations and responsibilities between MSIP and Miss Solomon Islands 2019/2020.
  2. Despite the absence of a signed contract, I graciously took on the role of Miss Solomon Islands and I wish to state that all my engagements as Miss Solomon Islands 2019/2020 were conducted n good faith, grounded on trust and confidence that MSIP was experienced in this field and that it would ultimately settle this outstanding issue for the benefit of both parties. Clearly, my trust and confidence in MSIP to bring resolution to this matter was misplaced and my genuine efforts at decent, informed and responsible representation as Miss Solomon Islands was misconstrued.
  3. It was stated that the decision to terminate the title was mutually agreed on. However, I wish to state that I was never given the opportunity to meet or discuss with the Pageant Committee over any issues or concerns. The manner in which this decision was taken and communicated is unfair. I have always been aware of the fact that the Miss Solomon Islands title is time bound and I was merely waiting for the opportunity to hand over.
  4. In addition it was alleged that I used the Miss Solomon Islands title to secure my own contracts and that I financially benefitted from the title without due consideration or inclusion of MSIP and Solomon Host. Except for only one engagement, all my engagements were done on a voluntary basis. I gave up my time and I willingly and actively participated in these events without any monetary benefit. There was only one commercial contract which was with Strongim Bisnis for the “Buy Lokol” campaign which aimed to promote our local businesses during the Covid 19 Pandemic. For this engagement, I had given opportunities for the host to join in discussion but to no avail. I also offered a percentage of the proceeds in one of my emails but received no response.
  5. There was no commercial contract with Bulk Shop, Kokonut Pasifik and UNDP Solomon Islands. Any work undertaken for Kokonut Pasifik and other local businesses was under the umbrella of the Strongim Bisnis commercial contract. No work was undertaken at all with UNDP Solomon Islands, voluntary or otherwise. I also am obliged to point out that the work I carry out in support of the United Nations office in Solomon Islands is with UNICEF since my nomination as a UNICEF Pacific Supporter in mid-2020 to assist in promoting issues affecting children in Solomon Islands, such as nutrition, the impact of climate change and immunization. This is a one year contract signed in agreement that my work will be carried out voluntarily in accordance with the UNICEF global ambassador policy. I note that an apology has now been issued to these organisations, however I am yet to receive one.
  6. It is also alleged that I have continuously disregarded and did not cooperate with Solomon Host Events Organizers to attend events as Miss Solomon Islands. That I was disrespectful and disregarded the authority and owners of the MSIP franchise. However in all my engagements as Miss Solomon Islands, I have, in my opinion, always displayed a high sense of regard, responsibility and modesty in being Miss Solomon Islands. The only two major Solomon Host events in which I could not guarantee my attendance was a Hip Hop Dance Competition that was organised in 2020 and a Cake Competition in 2021.
  7. Furthermore it was also stated that my term lapsed in December 2020 and that they no longer intended to extend my reign as Miss Solomon Islands. In this case, I was never formally contracted. I would also expect that an extension would be mutually agreed by both parties. However, I was never consulted.

Fellow Solomon Islanders, it is regrettable that Solomon Host and the current MSIP Committee have decided to take this course of action. I do believe that although we may have had our differences there could have been a better way to handle the situation without bringing disrepute to the institution of the Misss Solomon Islands’ platform.

Prior to entering this pageant, I knew nothing about it. As such I made it a commitment to making this platform one that the younger version of myself would see more value in. I wanted it to be a platform to share positivity, to empower and inspire our young people. Most of all, I wanted it to be an avenue that not only built young female leaders but allowed them to give back to the nation, as reflected in the title “Miss Solomon Islands”.

From the day I was asked by our Oncology Unit at the National Referral Hospital to contest on this platform, the major drive behind my participation was always to be the voice of people who have battled cancer in our country. Throughout my tenure I ensured my work was transparent and resonated well amongst many around the country. Along this journey the only real commercial beneficiary from the work I have undertaken is the is the National Referral Hospital (NRH) Oncology Unit through the NRH Cancer Trust Fund; a properly constituted trust fund.

There were so many positive achievements made during my reign as Miss Solomon Islands 2019/2020, of which I see not just as my own but the success of our country as a whole. Above all I will forever be humbled for carrying our nation’s flag at the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant to a new height, uniting our people under our common identity especially during trying political times. The opportunity to represent our country has been my highest honour and one that I will always cherish. I believe my genuine efforts has raised the Miss Solomon Islands profile and ultimately should be to the benefit of the Miss Solomon Islands brand.

On this note I wish to share my sincere acknowledgement to all individuals, groups, business houses, NGOs and the many organisations who have rendered their utmost support towards this journey. I like to also thank my family, friends and loved ones both in Solomon Islands and abroad for always cheering me on. Equally important I would like to kindly thank my sponsor Coral Sea Resort & Casino for the immense financial support in making it possible for me to participate in the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant 2019. The Miss Solomon Islands platform is about everyone that helped along that way. No matter the challenge, it was faith that kept me steadfast and without the overwhelming support from you all, we would not have come this far.

It is my final wish that the governance of the Miss Solomon Islands platform be restructured so as to ensure that a contract is in place for any future title holder. It is only fair that every girl that enters into such responsibility understands what they are going into and that their rights are protected at all costs.

As I step away from this role, I will continue to focus my efforts on other priorities at hand.

Thank you and God bless.

Gladys Habu
Miss Solomon Islands 2019/2020


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