More cooperation between RSIPF and other law enforcement agencies to fight crime

The cooperation between the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) and other law enforcement agencies in the country to combat the increasing trend of criminal organised groups will improve greatly after the completion of a four-week Advanced Criminal Intelligence Course at the Rove Police Headquarters in Honiara on 5 November 2020.

Fourteen officers from the RSIPF, Correctional Services of Solomon Islands (CSSI) Customs and Immigration attended the course, the first such training to be tailored for the Solomon Islands and that of the Pacific region.

Advisors of the Australian Government funded Solomon Islands Police Development Program (SIPDP) developed and delivered the course over a four-week period at the RSIPF Academy in Honiara.

Speaking at the course closing, RSIPF Deputy Commissioner (DC), Ian Vaevaso said, “We are seeing an emerging trend of increased transnational organised crime targeting Solomon Islands. This is only likely to increase as other nations within the Pacific look to increase security at their borders.”

“The training has been developed to build the intelligence ability of our law enforcement agencies, which would allow a more effective interagency cooperation to combat criminal organised groups, able to track criminal activities, and create crime strategies that will bring about prevention as well as effective responses.”

DC Vaevaso said, “Preventing, disrupting or dismantling organised crime requires the resources of all Solomon Islands law and regulatory bodies. It requires effective collection and sharing of information to impact on the establishment, activities and to ultimately dismantle criminal groups or syndicates.”

“I believe the course participants have built a greater network amongst themselves during their training. I believe this comradeship and networking will continue when they return to their individual organisations in order that we enhance our cooperation because we need each other more than ever.”

DC Vaevaso emphasised, “It is important that we stand united in the face of growing threats to global and domestic security. We can only be effective and successful in our efforts to fight against crime through cooperation and commitment.”

DC Vaevaso thanked the SIPDP and its advisors for developing, delivering and funding the training.

Also at the closing ceremony Commander of SIPDP, Mark Ney thanked the RSIPF, Customs, Immigration and CSSI for allowing their staff to attend the course.

 “This course has been developed with the aim of bringing agencies together to share information and encourage collaboration. This is the first time a course like this with joint agency participation, has been run in Solomon Islands. I am pleased to note the feedback has been very encouraging.”

Commander Ney added, “The SIPDP remains committed to supporting the RSIPF and other law enforcement agencies to strengthen their capability to both identify and take proactive action against transnational crime.” Each of the participants received a certificate for the completion of the course during the closing ceremony.