Nauru immunises almost 20 percent of population in first week

At the end of Friday 16 April, a total of1,266 adults on Nauru received their first dose of the COVAX AstraZeneca vaccine protecting them again coronavirus; this equates to 18.6 per cent of the target population having receive the vaccine in week one.

The Bureau of Statistics data estimates there are6,821 people living in Nauru who are aged 18 years and older.

Chair of the National COVID-19 Taskforce, Dr Kieren Keke says this is a great result and demonstrates the high level of confidence people have in getting their shot and being protected against COVID-19.

Dr Keke adds it is also very much thanks to the great work by the vaccination team which has at its core, the experienced immunisation program team, supported by the whole public health team, plus additional nurses from across the health department, doctors and some special project staff brought in specifically for the vaccination program, with a lot of behind the scenes work and support by the Taskforce team and the Australian government-funded advisors and volunteers.

Nauru’s vaccination program was launched on Friday 9 April and continued on to week one commencing Monday 12April to Friday 16 April; targeting people in Phase one, which includes airline staff, border control, quarantine workers including at the designated quarantine accommodation sites, health department, the Nauru Police Force, police protective services, community liaison officers, teachers, elderly and most vulnerable including dialysis patients and others with chronic medical conditions.

From this week, 19 to 23 April, vaccination will be for the general public and a schedule used based on districts, starting with Aiwo district on Monday 19 and Tuesday20 April. Particular workplaces and other groups will also be scheduled to ensure everyone is covered.

Nauru has enough vaccine doses to immunise all adults, including foreigners, on Nauru. But the short shelf life of the first dose means everyone has to receive their first dose by 7 May.

For more information, contact the COVID-19 helpline,191,or Director for Public Health, Stacey Cain on 5573072.


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