Nawo to trial in Europe

Solomon Islands national team winger Joses Nawo has received an invitation to attend trials at a professional football club in Europe.

Nawo writes history and the nation’s first football player to be invited by the Maltese Premier League club Tarxien Rainbows FC in Europe.

 He currently plays for Henderson Eels FC in the Solomon Telekom S-League.

The invitation became possible after the Netherlands Oceania Support Foundation visited Malta in November.

Goal was to explore the opportunities for football players from Solomon Islands to make it to Europe.

A range of meetings with professional clubs of the Maltese Premier League and Maltese 1st Division proofed to be fruitful.

Paul Driessen, President of The Netherlands Oceania Support Foundation is overjoyed: ‘I have dreamed about a Pacific Islander to make it to Europe ever since I started football development support for the South Pacific in 2009. I always believed that one day our foundation in The Netherlands could be the linking pin to open up this opportunity. It is a new milestone for our foundation, Nawo’s club – Henderson Eels FC – and Solomon Islands football as a whole.’

“Next step for Joses Nawo is getting his flight ticket and staying costs funded, which is a race against time. Nawo is expected at Tarxien Rainbows FC as soon as possible.

“Driessen: ‘Things change rapidly in Europe so there is no time to lose for Joses.

“Tarxien Rainbows FC is an ambitious club with great facilities. It is essential for any premier league club in Europe to know what to expect.

“The fact that Tarxien Rainbows FC invites Joses Nawo is already quite something. You can image that his profile competes with hundreds of applicants from all over the world dreaming to make it to Europe.

“So having his trial budget prepared should be a top priority for his funding side. As a foundation we have done our part so it is now up to a sponsor in Solomon Islands in getting him funded.

“A delayed arrival is not possible because the Maltese Premier League kicks off for the second half of the season at the 10th of January.

“Tarxien Rainbows FC needs time to examine Joses Nawo so he has to earn this contract with a successful trial,” a statement issued by the Netherlands Oceania Support Foundation says.


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