New residential house for Agriculture staff in Ringgi

A research staff of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) manning the research station at Ringgi on Kolombangara Island in the Western Province now has a new and secure home for accommodation.

This was after the local contractor, Velra Construction Company presented key of the newly built resident to the MAL research officer in Ringgi recently.

“Work has already completed with only few minor tasks to be done,” Supervising Principal Accountant, Project, Naelyn Binta who undertook assessment on the newly constructed resident said.

The remaining minor tasks include:

  • Installation of fans
  • Power point blugs/sockets fixing and
  • Furniture painting of the kitchen cupboards

“Those remaining work is very important in order for the house to be fully completed,”Ms. Binta said.

Contractor handing over keys of the newly built resident to MAL Supervising Principle Accountant, Project, Naelyn Binta at Ringgi MAL Research Station.

“There are existing staff house but are unfit for inhabitation after assessments carried out on them (houses). With the new house now completed, the officer and his/her family now be able to accommodate in a better and safe accommodation,” she added.

Permanent Secretary Ethel Frances said the completion of the new residential house is an achievement for the Ministry.

“The new house will surely provide secure accommodation for the MAL research officer and his/her immediate families, and are expected to play a key role in ensuring the officer operating the research centre at Ringgi can continue to discharge its responsibilities – especially through important agriculture research work.

“Having strong and a comfortable house for the officer and his or her family is important.”

Ms. Frances thanked MAL Research Division for its commitment and the efforts of everyone who are behind the success of the project.

She also acknowledged the local contractor, Velra Construction Company for their hard work and patience despite financial challenges faced during the course of construction work.

Government (SIG) through MAL, Research Division funded the construction of the new resident.

Side elevation of the new house.


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