NPO limits Public access to Parliament precincts

The National Parliament Office (NPO) has taken measures to manage likely impacts of the Corona Virus, COVID 19 by limiting public access to the National Parliament Precincts as of 4:30pm Friday 27th March 2020.

Clerk to National Parliament, David Kusilifu in consultation with the Speaker issued this notice in light of the State of Emergency declaration by his Excellency the Governor General and the recent scaling down of public service operations.

As such, public access to Parliament precincts which includes the Paul Tovua Complex and the Chamber Building, Office of the Independent Group and Office of the Official Opposition is now restricted and limited only to Members of Parliament, the Speaker, National Parliament staff and direct clients of NPO.

NPO staff includes political appointees.

The restriction notice further explains that Members of Parliament may be accompanied by no more than three other persons on each entry.

Constituency officers, constituents, public officers and members of the general public are restricted and will not be allowed to enter Parliament precincts.

This measure takes effect as of 4:30pm, Friday 27th March 2020 until situation is normal again.