NRH – Appeal for volunteer blood donation

The National Referral Hospital (NRH) Blood Bank is extremely concerned as it is experiencing severe shortage of blood supply for blood transfusion to patients and for emergency cases. 

The recent unrest with the high number of injuries presented at the outpatient and emergency department of NRH has increased the demand for blood thus the usage of available stock resulting in the blood stock level now below safe levels. 

Adding to the problem was the lockdown last week and ongoing curfews during the evenings that is making it very difficult for people to come forward to donate blood and likewise the blood bank team to reach out to the public to collect blood. 

Blood and its components are useful for patients with a range of medical condition from anaemia, cancer, blood disorders and patients who undergo surgery. 

The various components of blood such as the red blood cells, platelets and plasma are all  useful in many different conditions and therefore with different patients. As such, a bag of blood donated can help and save lives of more than one patient at the hospital. 

The Hospital blood bank unit is kindly calling on all church and youth groups, organizations including special interest groups and individuals to come forward and donate blood for our blood bank unit. 

Until night curfews are lifted, the hospital kindly urge those who are willing to donate their blood to come to hospital during the day before 4:30pm every day for blood donation procedure to be conducted. 

The blood bank unit of the National Referral Hospital is located at the back of the hospital facing the  sea wall on the western end of the hospital. You can also come to the outpatient to enquire on the exact location or call 44029, 44028, 44027 or 44066 or send message to responsible persons for blood donations on email [email protected] or [email protected].

Your blood will help someone and save a life.


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