NTU warns: Scholarship forgers to face prosecution

The National Scholarship Division also known as the National Training Unit (NSD/NTU) in the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) has strongly warns people who involve in falsifying the government scholarship awards will possibly face legal consequences.

NTU Director, Curtis Kalu told The Solomon Islands Herald Online today.

This week a male student was caught with a fake and unofficial scholarship award when attempting to get some information about the awards at the NTU office.

It was alleged that some people in town are using a software to try and counterfeit the NTU official awards without the reference numbers on it which was identified as forged award.

Mrs. Kalu says the matter has been referred to police and CID police has been informed of.

NTU office also obtained copies of the forged awards.

“Such action must be condemned.”  

Mrs. Kalu says NTU works closely with the police to curb such undesirable behavior.

She confirms that early this week her office (NTU) has discovered few forged 2020 scholarship awards, however, the falsified documents was easy identified as the division (NTU) is using a Scholarship Information System that identifies with a reference number for all recipients in the various categories.

“Thus, all new 2020 SIG scholarships does have a reference that differentiates each award given so far.

“This refers to those who are new being injected into SIG scholarship starting 2020.”

She reminds the public not to pursue or attempt to bring forged documents or forged SIG scholarship awards to the office (NTU) for facilitation as that will be easily discovered nowadays at the NTU office.

The NTU Director also confirms that other students also attempt to bribe NSD/NTU staff by putting in envelopes amounts of money with their university admissions so that the office can develop awards.

“However, such matters are already reported to NSD/NTU director and possibility of doing this is not easy this time round.

“This is also unacceptable! The public is informed not to pursue such attempts as those who involved will be reported to face prosecution.”


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