Officers commemorate Central Islands Province big day

The Central Islands Province (CIP) Officers of the Correctional Service Solomon Islands (CSSI) and Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) in Honiara commemorate their Provincial 39th Second Appointed Day Anniversary over the weekend with feasting and entertainments at Tanahuro Beach, far east of Honiara city.

Speaking during the Anniversary celebration, Guest of Honour, Assistant Commissioner Provincial Mr Joseph Manelugu acknowledge the CIP Officers Chairman, Committees, Invited Guests, family members, Ranks and Files of CIP with great respect and honour to commemorate this significant event of our Province and this is a first time ever for officers from both organization to come together and commemorate the day.

ACP Manelugu reminds officers on the importance of the day and reflects on the historical setting of the province which engulf and patriotic in the history of Solomon Islands. It’s a great challenge and how you and I can support and collaborate with mutual understanding to prosper our province once called a capital but now it’s a province of its own.

“We have to start act now to swift our young generation’s mindset in the values, beliefs and culture in the context of Central Islands Province and nation Solomon Islands, our greatness as a nation has depended on our sense of mutual respects for each other and of mutual responsibility. The idea that everybody has a prize in our respective provinces”.

Manelugu emphasized, I expect you to put your best effort into everything you do and I expect great things from each of you, so don’t let yourself, your family, your province, your country depressed but make us all proud. The challenges we have around the globe is on leadership, we need a leader who has the courage, character and collaborations.

He add this is our time to make a mark on history and reflect on how far we progress for the last 38 years as a Province. Our time to write a new chapter in the Central Island history. Our time to grow our central province and how we can contribute to our country that is welcoming and caring, more prosperous and more just than a place we grew up.

“I encourage you my good officers to uphold discipline in all aspects of your carrier path in the force, I must remind and encourage you to be pride of who you are and wear your uniform with pride it is the symbol of authority and take pride of your work and respect it so that we serve the need of our community and country in due diligence. You must be professional to your duties and perform to the standard with honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability in both organization”, says Manelugu.

Meanwhile Mr Mathias Sebe Chairman of CIP RSIPF & CSSI Officers do record word of thanks to the Guest of Honour ACP Provincial and other Invited Guests whom form part and parcel of the day celebration, more especially for MP Savo & Russel Hon Mua, Counsellor Rove & Lengakiki Ward Hon Siapu, Business Houses, Individuals, family members of Tanahuro beach, ranks and files of CIP officers in CSSI & RSIPF for the support and working togetherness in making the day celebration a very successful and a memorable event of such for CIP officers.

Chairman Sebe says, “this Second Appointed Day celebration also coincide with the 42nd Independence Anniversary of Solomon Islands commemoration. Wish you all the best and congratulate CIP 39th Anniversary and a Happy 42nd Independence Anniversary celebration. God bless CIP and Solomon Islands from shore to shore, to God be the Glory great things he has done”.   “We must re-examine and re-evaluate our thinking, our plans and our actions to meet the current challenges facing central province, our wards, our communities and our villages”, says Sebe.