One Link speaks out: CBSI Director’s statement erroneous and misleading

The statement by the Director of Solomon Islands Financial Intelligence Unit of the Central Bank of Solomon Islands Mr. Jimmy Sendersley as appeared on Solomon Star and Island Sun issue on Friday and broadcast over our National  radio (SIBC) last week accusing Locally Owned and registered firm, One (1) Link Pacifica of operating illegallyis totally false, erroneous and misleading,

 In a jammed packed office at the Central Bank of Solomon Islands last Thursday 20th  at 3pm, the Head of the Intelligent Unit of Central Bank Mr. Jimmy Sendersley facing all media outlet representatives,  told the packed office, accusing One (1) Link Pacifica of operating illegally in the Country,

He told the meeting that One Link Pacifica is registered with Company Haus Register as Fishing Company and has not been given or obtained a License with Central Bank to operate as a financial institution in the country,

He further claimed that One Link Pacifica is a Pyramid Scheme or a poncy scheme therefore advice and urged all Solomon Islanders not to participate in the programme.

However, Local Director of One Link Pacifica, Charles Dora has totally denied those statements by the Head of Intelligent Unit as erroneous, ill-conceived and indeed misleading, He emphasised in a statement that One Link Pacifica is a legally registered business Enterprise with the Company Haus Register within the Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Labour & Immigration, we have not register our business as a Fishing Company as claimed or alleged by the CBSI Director Jimmy Sendersley,

This is totally false and absurd and defamatory, a smear campaign intended to tarnish and destroy our reputation, integrity and investment business, Mr. Dora reiterated,

He said that the office of the Company Haus register is just in-front of Central Bank or they can logon line and get the status of One Link Pacifica instantly, however, if they are so lazy to check these information from appropriate and legitimate authorities, then how could they serve the Central bank or Country for that matter well? Dora asked,

CBSI need to work very closely with Business Haus registry, to identify and upgrade suitable and appropriate coding system for such new innovative and emerging type of Business operations in Solomon Islands, says Director Dora, because there is no such code for such new business investment model within the Company Haus Registry.

It is also very irresponsible on the part of the Director of Intellectual Unit of Central Bank to spread rumours to the media without consulting our firm about our business model and operations, because if he did, we would have advice him more appropriately about our business model and investment, says Mr. Dora

Our business investment model is totally defers from all Commercial banks and financial institution operating within the Country, as such, we are not obliged to apply or to seek and required to obtain a business license from Central Bank of Solomon Islands.

We are a non traditional business model, compared to what we have in the country, our model and vision in doing business is very simple, our objective is to create many of our clients/investors becoming entrepreneurs and own business, through creation of network marketing system where using a large group of dedicated independent entrepreneurs to move a product or service more efficiently through a word of mouth to mouth which is completely efficient amongst all our members or investors.

It is a great way of doing business today, easy to get and participate into for extremely low price, be self employed, and be an effective entrepreneur, the Spirit is to produce and create more entrepreneurs amongst our working population, market vendors, rural subsistence farmers and fishermen throughout the Country, an area where CBSI through all Commercial Banks and other Financial Institutions in the Country have failed miserably to addressed, facilitate and provide even to the working population,

It is a fact that all Commercial banks are not interested in the 85% of our rural dwellers, they cannot even lend money to the working population, more so, the working poor and unemployed, these are all happening in the eyes and noses of Central Bank of Solomon Islands economists and staff, Our political administrators and Law Makers, explained Mr. Dora.

Who is supposed to regulate and control these commercial banks, Mr. Dora questioned, they are making a lot of profits and remits hundreds of millions of funds overseas to the delight of their shareholders and countries, leaving 99% of Solomon Islanders extremely poor and struggling to survive in our own country, he said.

Come on CBSI, wake up, what is your solution to the many Solomon Islanders who have no formal or paid employment who roams the street of Honiara and other centres every day, putting pressures on family members & friends, Members of Parliament, Councillors, have you done any research at all on the plight of our young girls and women struggling to survive in Honiara? What about the working poor who after many years of dedicated service to the government came out or retired with nothing in their pocket, they cannot even start a business, worst still Commercial banks would not even lend any funds to them either,

It is for this very reason and vision that this very own home grown Investment Business model (One Link Pacifica) was born having based our objective and Vision on the biblical scriptures “United we Stand and divided we Fall” so much so to the delights of the more than 60,000 members throughout the country who have now benefited, being united as one people to move our investment forward and to create more businesses for themselves and become and establish more entrepreneurs in our Country. That is what we believe in and the principle of our investment model which is good for our people and good for business.


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