Ongoing vaccination roll-out crucial: Wale

Ongoing vaccination roll-out crucial: Wale
The Leader of Opposition, Hon. Matthew Wale, has called on the Prime Minister to further clarify government’s roll-out of covid-19 vaccination throughout the country.
Hon. Wale made this call in view of the Covid-19 situation in India that seems to be out of control.
This has affected India’s capacity to manufacture AstraZeneca vaccines for exports, as it is focused on its domestic situation.
The Hon. Prime Minister earlier announced that the government had requested 600,000 doses of AstraZeneca from India, half to be paid for by the Solomon Islands government, and the other half was requested under India’s bilateral assistance to Solomon Islands.
Hon. Wale points out that in view of India’s desperate domestic situation, and given that Solomon Islands was hoping to procure the majority of its vaccines from India, it is important that the Prime Minister outline what other options the government is exploring.
The Opposition Leader however emphasized the need to ensure government only procures vaccines approved for use by World Health Organization.
Hon. Wale went on to add, “People who received their first vaccination jabs in April are due for their second jabs in June. The second jab will need to be of the same vaccine used for the first dose – AstraZeneca. It is obviously important that enough supplies arrive before the start of the second dose for those needing it, and for the continued roll-out of the vaccination program throughout the country”.


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