OPMC clarifies MPs Discretionary Funds

The Office of the Prime Minster & Cabinet (OPMC) has come out to clarify the misinformation regarding the Members of Parliament’s discretionary funds.

This followed Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare’s statement last week, which announced an Order for the release of Members Discretionary Fund under Regulation 9(3)(a) of the Members of Parliament (Entitlements) Commission Regulations 1988, to Members of Parliament.

The Prime Minister made the order in exercise of the powers vested upon him under the Emergency Powers (COVID-19) Regulations 2020.

The OPMC statement clarified that the purpose of these funds is for all MPs to utilize for the purpose of repatriating public officers or the public from Honiara to their respective constituencies.

“This must be made clear that these funds are released to support our people to help them to repatriate to their villages from Honiara,” it said.

The statement confirmed these funds would enable MP’s to charter ships and support their constituents during this emergency phase, which will also support rural livelihoods during this economically challenging period.

The OPMC statement said MPs have started the process of repatriating their constituents and the Government welcomes the positive response by good abiding citizens in the country to help prevent and counter the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The OPMC statement also reiterated the call for people to continue to listen to rightful authorities, continue working together and remain calm for the good of our nation.

“The Government would like to thank our people for continuing to adhere to advices and information disseminated by OPMC, the health ministry and other government authorities. We must continue to unite as one nation, one people in our fight against COVID-19.”