Pacific Island Students Fighting Climate Change (PISFCC) Celebrate One Year Anniversary and Look to the Future of Digital Campaigning In Age of Coronavirus

Youth Advocacy Group Pacific Island Students Fighting Climate Change (PISFCC) has celebrated it’s one year anniversary and reflected on their significant achievements over this short period of time. The group has also considered their work ahead of them in 2020, including climate campaigning in the Pacific in the age of Coronavirus and ‘physical distancing’ which will change the way they operate. 

President Sulia Makasini (Tonga) said:

“The journey for PISFCC has been nothing but surreal since its beginnings in classrooms of the University of South Pacific into what it is today. We are proud of how much we have achieved in a short span of time, and are motivated now more than ever to work for a more just future for all of us. As we stroll down memory lane, we are greeted first with amazing lecturers and academics whose teachings and guidance helped motivate the 27 founding students to transform sadness, anger and learning into action.

Founding member Tolu Muliaina (Samoa)

“We Pacific Islanders are on the front line of the climate crisis and we must be part of the conversation about the future of our countries and our planet.

Founding member Tolu Muliaina (Samoa)

“From sending countless letters, to numerous meetings, organizing and campaigning, the journey so far is short but it felt like a lifetime!

Secretary Belyndar Rikimani (Solomon Islands)

Let us commemorate momentous events like PISFCC’s panels, Pacific Islands Development Forum 2019, Pacific Island Forum 2019, Vanuatu Strike for Emergency, UN Youth Summit and COP25. From these experiences, we can be certain that more definitely needs to be done and it is now a time for youth of the Pacific to find and raise their voices.

Founding member Elenoa Takataka (Tonga)

“To all our members who have worked alongside us to help establish PISFCC, we express our sincerest gratitude. With a very grateful heart, we would like to thank all our supporters, partners and sponsors who have extended their hands to help us in providing direction, in collaborating with us, and in helping us build networks and capacity; we salute your efforts and look forward to even deeper opportunities for engagement.

Thompson Mera (Vanuatu)

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone dealing with the coronavirus. The virus will change the way we campaign. We will be doing more online and digital work so please look out for us and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The climate crisis has not gone away and we need to make sure countries around the world embrace a future that is carbon neutral and sustainable.

“2020 is and will continue to be a huge year for us and we are grateful for everyone who’s standing alongside us to make this year a huge year for climate justice” he concluded.

PISFCC began in March 2019 when 27 USP Law students from 8 Pacific Island countries decided to join together to begin a campaign to persuade the leaders of the Pacific Island Forum to take the issue of climate change and human rights to the International Court of Justice. PISFCC is a very active organisation that has participated in international fora, such as COP25.

Youth can follow PISFCC’s work in Facebook (, Twitter ( and on their website

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