Parliament opens today with speech from the throne

The 3rd meeting of the 11th Parliament will open today, Monday the 16th of March 2020 with a speech from the throne by his Excellency the Governor General.

The ceremonial speech from his Excellency, Sir David Vunagi GCMG KStJ will be delivered after the house meets for prayers and the Speaker’s announcement.

A police Guard of Honour and Police Band will be present to perform at the ceremony and his Excellency will be invited to inspect the Guard.

It is after the Guard inspection that his Excellency will be escorted to the Chambers through the northern entrance of the chamber and the Speaker will then invite his Excellency to address Parliament.

The speech from the throne is an event in certain monarchies in which the reigning sovereign, or a representative reads a prepared speech to members of the nation’s legislature when a session is opened, outlining the government’s agenda and focus for the forthcoming session.

In the Solomon Islands, it is the Governor General who delivers this speech as the Head of the State.

The address sets forth the government’s priorities with respect to its legislative agenda, for which the cooperation of Parliament is sought.

The speech is often accompanied with formal ceremony and is often held annually, although in some places it may occur more or less frequently, whenever a new session of the legislature is opened. Speaker will adjourn Parliament straight after the speech is delivered.